Tour Meeting

A new way
to share experiences

Tour Meeting is a powerful tool that allows sharing a digital twin experience in online meetings with multiple users, by using the most important video conferencing services.

How does it work?

Sharing your twins with multiple users and collaborating with them has never been easier.


Create temporary link

Log in to the service and create a temporary link of the digital twin that you want to share.


Share twins in your video call

During a video call you can share the link with all attendees to join the digital space.


View twin and collaborate

All users inside the twin will be able to explore it at the same time and collaborate inside it.

Main features

Temporary link

Temporary link generation to share twins with multiple users at the same time. Links can be turned off at the end of the meeting or later.

Synchronized view

It’s not streaming! Users will be able to simultaneously explore the tour having exactly the same view thanks to a complete synchronization.

Visit control

The Host can guide the attendees on the tour visit or entrust the control to one of them with a click.

"not following" check

The Host can always check which ones are not following the navigation guide, where they are looking and regain their attention.


All users can highlight every detail by writing and drawing on it. Draw tool makes the meeting easier and more engaging.

Got a question?

For what kind of meeting can I use Tour Meeting link?

Tour Meeting is perfect for any type of meeting with multiple users. It can be used to collaborate in larger work teams, to present an exposure to potential customers, to set meeting experiences within a digital space in an interactive and collaborative way.

Can I use Tour Meeting with any video conference platform?

Absolutely. With Tour Meeting you generate a simple link that can be shared via any video conference platform.

How to get the service?

Choose your pricing plan and book the service. We will send the credential for your Tour Meeting account, so you can start sharing your twins in online meetings.